The Astrology of Secrets, Espionage & Wikileaks

This post was written in June 2013 but the information is still relevant

There has been a lot in the news about ‘exposing’ secrets.

As an Astrologer I’m always wondering why people are motivated to do the things they do and what might be the result of those actions.

This week saw a chappie called Edward Snowden struggling to extricate himself from the fall-out of ‘revealing’ the ‘top-secret’ information he’d discovered about USA government data.

I won’t go into the ins and outs of the case as you can read about it on just about any news website at the moment….

What I can tell you is how and why the various people linked to secrecy-information-revealing have something very Astrologically simple….in common.

In Astrology we use the signs of various planets to describe certain character traits. Someone with a Cancer Sun sign is more likely to enjoy cuddles, close contact, cuddly animals, feeling nurtured and might live more in tune and in touch with their emotions… contrast to someone with an Aquarius Sun sign, who loves new ideas, is motivated by concepts, ideals, the-good-of-the-planet, friendship and enjoys thinking weird and wonderful solutions to problems.

We also use those same signs, from Aries- Pisces to describe someone’s emotional composition. This is the sign the Moon was in on the day of birth. Astrology isn’t just about Sun signs. Knowing someone’s Moon sign gives you a good idea of how they tackle (or not) their feelings.

The Sun sign represents our ‘ego’, our visible self, the bit that people come across everyday, the part of us that ‘shines’ just like the real Sun…..while the Moon, just like it does in real life, reflects the ‘light’ of the Sun and describes how we feel about things.

Now, what has this got to do with Edward Snowden?


Edward is Sun sign Gemini (if he was born before 7pm, otherwise he’d be a Cancer) and definitely has his Moon in the sign of Scorpio….

Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks is definitely a Sun sign Cancer, also with Moon in Scorpio…

Bradley Manning is Sun Sagittarius….with, yes, you’ve guessed it, Moon in Scorpio…

and lastly, the lawyer that is helping Julian Assange is a Sun sign Scorpio.

So what does this mean?

Here’s the interpretation of Moon in Scorpio written by Robert Hand:

Moon in Scorpio 

You have very intense feelings, which can be a strong force in your life. But you may find it hard to understand your feelings, because they are so complicated and deep. You want your whole life to be intense and very deep.

If you don’t get a great deal of reassurance from the people who are close to you, you will feel lonely and misunderstood.

You are very fond of anything secret and mysterious, such as stories about the supernatural. Your need to learn about yourself will help you understand others as well.

Try not to get so wrapped up in your emotions, however. It would be better not to take them so seriously.

I thought it was really interesting how these different Sun sign people, all have the same Moon sign and are all struggling with ‘revealing some sort of secret’…

Now, why would that all happen at the moment?

Why is Edward’s case hitting the news right at this precise moment in time?

This is because of what we call a transit. When a planet passes another planet. A bit like a train passing another train in the station.

I don’t have enough information about their charts (as I don’t have their birth times) to work out what their Ascendant sign would be, or exactly what degree their Sun or Moon would be but we can explain why this is happening ‘now’.

On the 5th October 2012 Saturn, the planet of responsibility, authority and do-the-right-thing went into the sign of Scorpio.

Saturn spends approximately 2+ years in each sign and today (25th June 2013) it is now 4 degrees in the sign of Scorpio…. (each sign of the Zodiac goes through 30 degrees)

It went retrograde on the 19th of February and won’t go direct until the 8th July.

It won’t finally leave the sign of Scorpio until December 24th 2014

It comes back briefly into Scorpio on the 16th June 2015 and goes out again on the 17th September 2015 so anyone with a Scorpio Ascendant, Sun Scorpio or Moon Scorpio will still be feeing the effects of Saturn’s transit right up until Sept 2015.

Some other people that have been affected by Saturn’s transit through Scorpio are:

Jimmy Savile: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. This scandal hit the news on the 3rd October 2012, 3 days before Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio exposing his alleged sexual assault against 450 victims

Gary Glitter: Sun Taurus, Moon Scorpio, on bail for alleged involvement in the Jimmy Savile scandal

Stuart Hall : Sun Capricorn, Moon Scorpio, sentenced to 15 months in prison for 14 charges of indecent assault involving 13 girls aged between 9 and 17.

Nelson Mandela : Sun Cancer, Moon Scorpio at present hospitalised with lung infection. (There is no suggestion by me that Nelson has acted in anyway similar to the above, I’m just mentioning that he’s struggling with this particular transit…..)

So, if you have Asc, Sun or Moon in Scorpio yourself, best to work on being realistic and sensible until this transit passes….

1.Astrological information.
The above charts have been created from the website using the birth data recorded on the various wikipedia pages. I have used a birth time of 6am for each chart and used the whole house system.
2.Mary English is the author of The Surviving the Zodiac Series of Sun Sign books


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