Why The Sun and Leos Have Something in Common

I thought I’d post a little clip from my book How to Lavish a Leo, the sign which is ‘ruled’ by the Sun.

The Enormous Burning Star

‘If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.’

Napoleon Bonaparte https://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Bonaparte,_Napol%C3%A9on_I

In astrology, we call all the celestial beings ‘planets’ which isn’t technically correct. The Sun is actually a star, and while there are thousands of millions of other stars in our own Milky Way, our Sun is special because we depend on it for our survival. It provides us with heat and light, which are rather necessary things for us on Earth. Imagine what life would be like if it was cold all the time and dark. No plants would be able to grow because they depend on light to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis….and if there was no oxygen, we’d all be dead in less than 10 minutes. Not a fun thought is it?

So for us, the Sun is jolly important.

The Sun is called a ‘great powerhouse’ because it is like a giant nuclear furnace. It is 1,392, 000 km across its diameter, big enough to swallow up our earth a million times, and produces 7,000 million tons of hydrogen every second. This enormous energy release makes our Sun shine and it’s been doing this for more than 4.5 billion years and hopefully will continue to do so for a similar length of time. 2.

The Sun isn’t actually yellow. This is an illusion as it’s really an enormous white ball of gas with no solid edge, with a temperature of 5,500° C. Astronomers think the temperature at its core could be 15,000,000°C. Bit too hot for sun-bathing!

There’s a lot going on, with sunspots and solar activity and things called ‘coronal mass ejections’ hurling out electrically charged particles out into space. These cause the celestial light shows called northern and southern lights when they hit the Earth, but too many of them can pose a threat to satellite electronics and power grids.

Like everything, too much of a good thing can be a problem.

I asked a few Leos about their thoughts on the Sun. Here is Helena, a young 30 years English lady who works for a media company in Portugal:

“I couldn’t live without the sun. It makes EVERYTHING better! I go a nice caramel brown, and feel sooo happy when the sun is out. After living in Portugal, I would struggle living in the UK again, purely because of lack of sun!”

Clarissa is a full-time Mom who lives and works in Canada:

“I love the sun as far as lifting my spirits- I can achieve a nice tan but also have to be careful to not burn.” 

Laura is in her late 20’s and lives and works in New Zealand as a graphic designer:

“I love the sun. I like to be warm I dislike being cold or wet prefer warm/dry. I have fair skin and don’t tan easily. Summer is my favorite time of year. 

I feel like I have more energy when it is sunny and happier. I like red sunsets especially over water.”

Julie is in her 70’s and lives in middle England and is a house-wife. She loves the sun too:

“I love the sun I am out in it all the time. I have my meals outside. The windows and doors open wide so the fresh air can come in.  I am fair skinned but have a good tan. The sun makes me feel charged up.”

Margaret is a holistic practitioner and lives in the USA

“I am not sun sensitive and I tan nicely. I’ve always loved the sun and thrive on it. To me it feels that I am alive, it makes me happy and I can be outside. The sun is our life giver and I feel it gives me life. If it gets humid I deal with it. I could call myself a sun worshipper in a sense that I just love the sun, not that I lay outside all day to get a tan, which I don’t do. Without the sun we would have no life.”

Only one of the people I asked wasn’t quite as positive about our burning star. Diane is an Astrologer and lives in South Wales:

“I don’t like the hot weather, I burn easily and so avoid sitting out when it is very sunny.”

Notice, how all of them (except Diane) have in their answers ‘I love the Sun’.

I remember my lovely Leo nephew, who used to live in Bristol, bemoaning the lack of Sun here in the West Country. Our weather is very temperate, a bit like Irish weather and we do have lots of rain, which is why it’s so green here. But he was getting depressed that the Sun hadn’t been out much and eventually he moved abroad.

The Sun is such a majestic and magnificent planet (remember it’s actually a Star) it can’t fail to have an influence on our friend the Leo who was born during the Summer months, when the Sun is at its zenith…..

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In Peace

Mary xx


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