Why You Shouldn’t Move a Virgo’s Cheese

Here is a short extract from my book ‘How to Soothe a Virgo’.

My Virgo doesn’t seem to worry about the important things in life but gets upset if I move the cheese/leave spots of water in the sink/forget the name of…..

This is I’m afraid, extreme Virgo territory. They seem to not be caring about what you’re caring about. And I said ‘seem’. They do infact care a lot but they just can’t think about it for too long because the subject goes round and round in their heads and doesn’t get resolved, so ‘doing’ something about the things they know about makes them feel a little better. It might not make you feel better but that’s where different signs deal with things differently.

These ‘important things’ that you’re worrying about will also worry your Virgo but they know full well that they’ve already done as much as they can to alleviate the problems, and now in a truly Earth sign practical manner, they’re concentrating on the things they can change…which is where the cheese is located. And if you move their cheese, the world will end (figuratively not literally) because it doesn’t need to be moved and if you move it, you’re doing something against their mind-flow, which to a Virgo is a complete no-no.

Now don’t get me wrong. Virgos don’t like to think where the cheese is located. They’ve already decided that on the second shelf in the fridge is best, because it’s the mean temperature there and if its on another shelf in the fridge it will more likely go off quicker, or get mouldy. They’ve already worked that one out.


…and if they’re going to make a cheese sandwich, they don’t want to have to hunt for the cheese before they make it. They just want to make the sandwich, easily without having to think about the cheese or the bread or the filling…that’s too much thinking.

While they’re making their sandwich they’re thinking maybe about getting the car serviced, or how long it will take them to get to the end of whatever they’re involved in, or they must remember to get some more ink/stationary/petrol/stamps/paint/coal/wood/crackers/moisturiser  as supplies are running low but I can guarantee that your average Virgo does not think about what they’re doing, while they’re doing it…only if something is different…

or if it’s moved…

…..and you’ve now moved the cheese and all they can think about is ‘Why did she/he move the cheese’? What did I say/do/hint to make him/her put it on the bottom shelf, when they know that leaving it there makes it more susceptible to mould/deterioration?’…on and on…Small hint. Don’t move things that they like or care about, it’s not worth the angst.

How to Soothe a Virgo,  like the others in the series, is available anyway you’d like it, from a physical book, to an ebook….

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