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Intro 2 Astrology

I know when I first started learning Astrology all I wanted was to understand what I was doing, not know ‘how’ to do it.

It’s easy enough to make a birth or natal chart, plenty of website will do it for you, but when you first look at a chart, your immediate thought is :” What does it all mean?”

All you can see is a circle, lots of blobs and funny figures, nothing seems to be written in English and this is supposed to tell me all about myself?


Remembering those initial days prompted me to write 6 Easy Steps in Astrology which has just enough information to get you started and on the path to finding out more about your birth/natal chart.

Originally I released the book as a free PDF E-Book on my website and after it had been down-loaded over 9,500 times I thought it was time to formally publish it on Amazon Kindle (because I now have a Kindle)

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Making the book into a Kindle Book means I can enjoy it on my KIndle and show it to my friends and also use it for my Introduction to Astrology 

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Finding Your Higher Purpose

Finding Your Higher Purpose.  Something I still get asked a lot is: ‘How Do I Find My Life’s Purpose’ and it’s a tricky question to answer quickly or without offending people. I used to ask myself this a lot when I … Continue reading

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