Why You Need to Read How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio

Bath writer and astrologer Mary English has reached the end of writing her 12 book Zodiac series starting with How to Survive a Pisces http://amzn.to/NsicYY, which sold out and had to be re-printed.

Her book How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio http://amzn.to/NJ3eBZ  received a glowing endorsement from USA-based astrologer Bil Tierney:

“Mary shines a bright light on some of Scorpio’s inner motives and secret strategies, in ways that can help loved ones to better understand these complex individuals.”

‘This is one of my more helpful books’ says Mary ‘as it helps people truly understand this most misunderstood sign. Scorpios have suffered from years of misrepresentation and ridicule and I wanted to redress the balance.’

With twelve books now published, she was been kept busy writing the series.

Her greatest joy was when a Brazilian publisher bought the rights to the series from her publisher O-Books. http://www.o-books.com/authors/mary-english&i=1

‘I was so thrilled when I received the email to tell me they had bought the rights and they were going to be translated into Portuguese. I was on a high for days’ says Mary.

The publisher  http://www.pensamento-cultrix.com.br/authordetail.aspx?idAuthor=2399 specialises in Spiritual, Self Help and Esoteric writing.

‘I have really enjoyed writing the series’ says Mary ‘I got to interview all sorts of interesting people and find their true motives. Astrology is far more than Sun sign columns, even though I write one myself for Pukka Bath. Each one of my books explains how to make a birth chart easily using free on-line resources and are filled with top tips and helpful hints.’

Mary’s books are regularly in the Amazon astrology best sellers lists and are available on-line and in all good bookshops. How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio is her second most bought title.

‘When I started work on my penultimate book ‘How to Satisfy a Taurus’ I knew the end was in sight. I went backwards through the Zodiac, which proved a bit of a headache but seeing your work, in print is the most wonderful feeling’ she says ‘I am lucky that my publisher was prepared to take a chance with my writing, as astrology is such a niche subject. There are plenty of people that want to understand their own sign however, hence the good sales.’

Here is an excerpt from the book:

As I got into writing the book I had one of those funny/weird Astrological moments. There I was bashing at the keyboard, having promised myself to get to a certain word-count that week and my brother-in-law (who is a Scorpio) phoned up to speak to my husband about my lovely mother-in-law who had recently died. He’d been sleepless that night wondering what to do about clearing their mother’s house and when to ‘sort-out’ her ashes and he rang to say he’d decided what to do and when….so I looked at my Ephemeris and the days they’d decided to meet were when the Sun, the Moon, Mercury AND Venus were all going to be in the sign of Scorpio.

I had a little chuckle to myself.

I must point out my brother-in-law does not follow Astrology at all.

Then I thought: ‘I wonder what the rising sign was when he called?’, so I rang 1471 (which gives you a recorded message of when the call was made) and the rising sign or Ascendant was Scorpio…and the Sun had just gone into Scorpio (about 35 mins not even a degree).

Brother-in-law doesn’t usually ring in the morning, but this was an important phone call, for him, as it was about death (ashes), and as he has Moon in Capricorn practical things (the clearing of the house).

So what were the chances of a Scorpio ringing our house (I picked up the call) just when the Sun had reached Scorpio and the Ascendant was Scorpio and wanting to arrange something to do with death when the Sun, Moon, Mercury AND Venus were going to be in his sign?


I Love Astrology!


The title of this book was suggested to me by a lovely Pisces when I was grappling with the wording and she suggested How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio, when the original working title was How to Trust a Scorpio, which sort of implied that Scorpios aren’t to be trusted….which is so far from the truth it’s almost laughable.


Trust me, you can trust a Scorpio…



About Mary English

"Bringing Heaven to Earth." Author, Astrologer, Homeopath and Hypnotherapist. Working with You to Help you Find Your True Life Path.
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