The Twins in Film and Politics~Ken Loach & Jeremy Corbyn

As the credits roll, there is a deadly silence in Screen One. Normally, elderly Bath ladies can be heard reminding their husbands about the parking meter, or muttering about the price-of-things-today.

But today, silence is lingering in the room. People are still sitting in their seats staring at the screen. The reality of the film’s ending permeates the walls of a building whose foundations housed Citizen House a local community centre. 1

I can’t sit there any longer and dash to the ladies toilet in the foyer. I’ve run out of tissues and need some loo roll to wipe my eyes and my runny nose. I’ve just spent the majority of my time, watching I, Daniel Blake by Ken Loach in silent floods of tears.

It was a very moving film for me.

I’ve also been a single Mum, but only to one child.

I’ve also had to sign-on when I instantly lost my job as a retail manager many years ago.

The memory of standing in line, explaining myself and my financial situation to a complete stranger at the dole office who had just told me I wasn’t entitled to any money for 13 weeks while my child asked me: ‘Why are you crying Mummy?’ hasn’t left my mind. Those ghastly memories flood back and make me so grateful that will never ever, ever happen again because I’m self-employed with no boss to sack me.

This film is about that system, which 20 years after I lost my job, still makes enemies of people by the state designed to protect them in their hour of need:

I am not a client, a customer, nor a service user.
I am not a shirker, a scrounger, a beggar, nor a thief.
I am not a national insurance number, nor a blip on a screen.
I paid my dues, never a penny short and proud to do so.

So who was the person that directed this film?

Ken Loach

Ken was born in Nuneaton in Warwickshire on 17th June 1936. He studied law at St Peter’s College Oxford, but there is no mention of him making a living doing that. He branched out into the theatre, performing with a touring repertory company. This led to television, where in partnership with producer Tony Garnett (3rd April 1936: Sun Aries, Moon Virgo) he produced a series of docudramas. Most memorably, the devastating ‘Cathy Come Home’ (16th November 1966), written by Jeremy Sandford (5th December 1930: Sun Sagittarius, Moon Gemini) whose impact was so massive that it led directly to a change in the homeless laws. 2

A Sunday Telegraph headline on the 8-1-19674 was titled ‘Stop Mixing TV Fact and Fiction’ but the film made such an impact, that criticism is now rarely heard.

We don’t have a birth time for Ken, even though I did tweet and ask. Maybe he or his staff don’t read his tweets. Never mind, we definitely have his date of birth and using the Whole Sign House system we can find out quite a bit!


Chart Shape

Ken has a Grand Cross in mutable signs, wanting change and variety. Mutable signs tend to live in the past, so are usually good at remembering ‘how-things-were’.

Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius (interestingly the only retrograde planet in his chart) brings him an international network of professional contacts. His Saturn in Pisces has a desire to improve the situation of the underprivileged. And his Neptune in Virgo suggests interest in improving work conditions and idealistic projects that can rouse the working spirit, motivated by the idea of service on a personal or political or level.

He has Sun, Mars, Venus, Chiron, Mercury and possibly Moon in Gemini (if he were born earlier in the day then he’d have Moon in Taurus)

With that amount of Gemini in his chart, he’s not likely to want to do anything too boring or repetitive.

“A movie isn’t a political movement, a party or even an article. It’s just a film. At best it can add its voice to public outrage.”

His Pluto in Cancer sometimes has a fanatical patriotism and desire for the state to take over the function of the family. And his Uranus in Taurus suggests alternatives to material security and untraditional ideas about money.

“I think our TV news editors are still sometimes using the language of government propaganda. We’re still hearing the words reform and modernization when what we really mean is privatization and public greed.”2

 Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy was born in Chippenham on the 26th May 1949. While still at school he became active in his local Labour party and the League Against Cruel Sports. In 1966, the year that Cathy Come Home was broadcast he joined The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and in October 2015 became one of their vice-chairs5   He left school at 18, briefly became a reporter at 19 and went overseas for two years with the VSO. He had various jobs within certain Trade Unions and the Labour Party until February 1982 when he was elected Labour Party candidate for the constituency of Islington North. On the 9th June 1983 he was elected Member of Parliament for Islington North in the General Election that year. Fast forward to today which sees him as leader of the Labour Party.

Chart Shape

His chart shape is a Bucket with Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius forming the handle of his bucket, giving him weird and wonderful ideas about freedom and belief.

Jeremy has a Yod linking his Jupiter in Aquarius retrograde hinting at unusual humanitarian goals, Saturn in Leo bringing strong ideas about leadership and Uranus in Gemini ensuring upheaval and renewal in education and ideas.

He also has a Grand Trine in Air signs = It’s All About Ideas.

He has Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune retrograde so one does wonder if his grip on reality will work for or against him in his political future. His Pluto also in Leo brings strong personal convictions and principles. He has been married three times (not an unusual Gemini trait).

Aspects are Moon conjunct Mars, maybe that’s where the angry-young-man in his youth comes from and Moon square Pluto = social conscience.

Both men have Mars issues.

Ken’s with his Sun…

Jeremy with his Moon and both of them have quite one-sided charts, which makes me wonder if maybe they only view life as Either Or,

…rather than Maybe.


  3. or





VSO Voluntary Service Overseas


Astrological References


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The Astrology of Chronic Pain, Saturn and the Outer Planets

The Astrology of Chronic Pain

I’m a regular Astrologer. I work in private practice in the UK and I am also a qualified Homeopath and Hypnotherapist.

This is amazingly interesting, as the clients that I see and treat have the (if they want to) added advantage of me being able to construct their chart and find ways to help them more.

This article is about pain. There is a lot of it about. I have been observing the painful issues my clients have had since I went into private practice.

For the last 16+ years I have been working with clients with various diagnosis’ but the bottom line is they are in pain and they want it to stop…

Then my husband became ill

My husband, who is trained in that wonderful Mind-Body resource: Hypnotherapy.

In fact he has more Hypno qualifications than me. He’s retired now and works part time as an artist, doing pet, aviation and maritime portraits.


7 weeks ago he had an awful, painful episode that simple healing and painkillers just wouldn’t do anything for.

He went to the doctors about 5 or 6 times, and the local hospital. He was prescribed an amazing array of painkillers and sleeping tablets, all of which affected him in other ways. Some made him sleepy during the day. Others upset his digestion. One of them made him worse…nothing seemed to be helping.

I knew he hadn’t had an accident.

I knew that there wasn’t anything that he’d ‘done’ that was the cause of the pain, but he was home-bound, chair bound, couldn’t walk…he was so unsteady on his feet I had to buy him a walking stick from the charity shop.

He couldn’t sleep lying down and got some sleep sitting up with the sofa cushion behind him and lots of pillows.

Eventually when conventional medicine wasn’t doing much to help, he went to see my homeopath and also for some counselling.

Now he’s out of pain and is getting better.

And there is something going on in his chart that as a non-astrologer, he’s not that interested in, but I am.

He’s having a Saturn~ Moon transit.

I’m not going to explain too much about Astrology in this article, just enough to help you understand what I meant by the above.

We all have a thing called a Birth chart.

This is an Astrological calculation based on the location and position of the planets in our solar system on the day you were born.

Here’s what one looks like:

Imagine a birth chart as being a little like your hand-prints.

It records everything to do with your ‘self’.

In palmistry, usually, the right hand represents your future and the left your past (assuming your right handed)

One hand is a record of all the potential you were born with.

The other represents what’s likely to happen to you in the future…because of your potential.

An Astrological birth chart records and uses the position of the planets on your day, time and location of birth, as if you were looking up at the sky on that date.

It’s a static thing.

It shows your potential.

I suppose I’ve been doing Astrology for so long now I don’t have to think about why and what everything in Astrology does or is for.

Take my word for it.

A correctly calculated birth chart is the missing link to understanding each human in the world.

It would be lovely if every child had their chart made at birth and their parents would then know how to parent them….but I digress.

This birth chart thingie shows what your health is like, and what might be helping or hindering it.

The planets we use in a chart are the ones in our Solar System:

The Sun (which is a star)

The Moon

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

These are the planets that are visible to the naked eye and ones the ancient astrologers used.

From 1781 three more were discovered when telescopes were invented:

Uranus (1781)  Neptune (1846) and Pluto (1930)

All these planets orbit around our Sun and from our view on earth look as though they move around our heads in the sky..and in Astrology the belief is:

As Above

So below

Meaning what happens in the sky is reflected in what happens here on Earth.

Now, after hundreds of years worth of observation various attributes were ascribed to these planets.

And the ones I am going to discuss today are Saturn, Uranus and Pluto

These are the ones I have noticed are more likely to be aligned with issues in your life to do with pain.

Here are the keywords for these planets:

Saturn: Restriction, Responsibility, Being an Elder

Uranus : Freedom, Unpredictability, Erratic Happenings

Neptune : Illusion, Delusion, Sensitive/Psychic Connection

Pluto : Deep Change, Transformation, Personal Revolution

Now, in a chart the Sun represents who you are. The ego bit of you. The bit that you’re conscious of.

The Moon, which in reality reflects the light of the Sun, represents the unconscious part of you, that bit that you sometimes tune-into when you’re feeling emotional.

Now when I mentioned a transit earlier, what I meant was when a planet TODAY, travels past a part of your birth chart it can trigger off certain positive or negative happenings either for you, or to you.

They don’t directly affect you…not in anyway you could record.

I couldn’t measure with any precise instrument that those planets were sending rays of light or energy to you…I don’t know ‘how’ it works. All I know is it does.

I’ll leave that to someone else to investigate!

So, when Saturn makes a transit to something in your chart, you’ll sure know ALL about it.

When Saturn transited my Sun-in Pisces my ex-husband left me for another woman. And I’d recently given birth, so it wasn’t an especially happy time for me.

I was angry, upset and grieving…

Now (25th March 2017)  Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius.

It takes 28-30 years to go all the way round the Zodiac…so when it’s in a sign it’s usually there for about 2 years.

In this video I explain how one person experienced MS during a Saturn transit

Over the next few days and posts, I’m going to use the charts of 6 kind volunteers to explain exactly what I’m talking about.

This is Kate’s chart.

She was born when the Sun was in Sagittarius, The Moon was in Pisces and the Rising sign or Ascendant was in Taurus

Year: 1979.

Kate has had a terrible diagnosis and a long amount of time suffering pain.

She says: Pain is worst in my lower back, T10-L3, where there is significant nerve damage due to Transverse Myelitis, but also have generic widespread pain due to Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve lived in pain a while, but it got worse April 2014. My date of diagnosis for both conditions was 29th April 2014.

Let’s look at some transits:

Here is her transit chart for the actual date she got her diagnosis.

There is quite a lot going on.

First up Saturn has transited from the sign of Virgo in her birth chart to the sign of Scorpio and it conjunct (next to) her Mercury, the planet of thinking, thought and communication.

On the day of her diagnosis, The Sun, Moon and Mercury are slap bang on her Ascendant in Taurus.

Double Whammy, not going to forget THAT too quickly.

She’s also spent a life-time under the influence of Pluto.

Pluto was in Libra when she was born, it’s now in the sign of Capricorn.

So for ALL of her life, up until this point, it’s slowly been transiting past ALL of her birth planets, except for her Moon.. (it’ll take a few more years before it gets there, then it will NEVER transit over a planet in her chart again!)

…now look at Neptune’s transit.

It was in the sign of Sagi when she was born and natally it’s right next door to her Sun sign = someone who is VERY sensitive/psychic.

In fact her Sun in Sagi is sandwiched between her Uranus= Freedom/Erratic and Neptune=Psychic/Sensitive

Now it’s right on her Moon in Pisces, so for the whole of her life it hasn’t transited much (just her Venus soon after she was born) now it’s aspecting her Moon= her emotions….making her FAR more sensitive than ever.

So maybe, things like weather or noise or other people’s emotions will upset her and make her symptoms worse.

So, because of these transits, Kate has ‘suffered’ a period of pain. It doesn’t mean she’ll suffer forever, just that it reflects very accurately what’s happening with the planets and luckily everything will eventually move, and she will find relief.

In the other videos below you will learn about other clients/volunteers and their pain issues:

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How Long Does it Take to Write a Book?

Are you planning on writing a book? Are you worried how long it’s going to take?

Writers are continually asked: ‘How long did your book take to write?

It’s a valuable question and one I always know the answer to as I keep a record of exactly how long I spend writing… (not researching, googling, facebooking or tweeting)

Every book I’ve written, I record the date and time I started, the time I finished and my final word count.When I get to the end of writing the book and have to edit, I record that too. I add it to the beginning of the document so every time I open it, I know how many words I’ve got. When I finish writing for that day, I add the day’s word count and save the document again.

This is my record of the writing of my last book:

 The Astrology of Indigos  Everyday Solutions to Spiritual Difficulties, Understanding the Alignment of Outer Planets and Cluster Charts

As you will see, I actually started writing it on the 20th May 2013 and finished the writing on 6th September 2013.

This means this book took 4 months to write.

Some days went better than others.

I also keep a record on a small white board in my kitchen

I can also then work out what’s the best time of day for me to write. Not what I’d like it to be, but what it actually is, which in my case is mostly morning and early afternoon.

What I like about recording this data is it gives me something tangible to remind me that ‘something is happening’ and my book is growing.

The trouble with writing, is a book can seem to grow so slowly, you lose track of how far you’ve got and how far you need to go.

With this method I’ve got a nice reminder that I’m on track, things are progressing and I’ll get there eventually!

20-5-2013 10.30am – 117 11.30am 833 words

22-5-2013 12.10pm 12.30pm- 1,167

1-6-2013 1,224 7.10pm 2,598 7.25pm 4,627, 8.20pm 4759

12-6-2013 3.30pm 5,477

13-6-2013 6,045

28-5-2013 2pm- 6,366

14-7-2013 10.40am 6545 references 7,139 1.30pm 7279, 7,295

16-7-2013 12.40pm 2.10pm 8,041

17-7-2013 11.20am- 12pm 9371

20-7-2013 12.50pm- 5.30pm- 10,005

30-7-2013 10.53am-11.35am10,734 12.15pm- 11,413 3.30pm- 12,012 12,221 7.30pm

31-7-2013 8am 8.45am- 12,886 11am 13,507 11.20am- 12.15pm 13,862

1pm- 2pm 14,225 chapter three re-write 4pm- 13,954 6.10pm re-through 6.35pm – 14,333 7.15pm- 14,683

1-8-2013 7.45am -10am 15,263 15,310 9.25am 16,107

4-8-2013 16.111

5-8-2013 12.40am- 1.15pm 16,279 listings

9-8-2013 3.55pm- 6.50pm- 16,617

21-8-2013 6.50pm 16,889

23-8-2013 4.10pm- 17, 328 6.30pm – 19,496

24-8-2013 4.10pm- first edit 19,333 6.16pm

26-8-2013 9.55am- 11.35am 20,077

28-8-2013 2.10pm 2.45pm- 20,474

30-8-2013 12.15pm 1.45pm- 20,935

31-8-2013 1.10pm 21,434 2.10pm

1-9-2013 11.05am 22,893 12.40pm- 8.30pm 23,110

2-9-2013 8pm

3-9-2013 10.10am read-through/edit 22,656 11.30am

6-9-2013 6am-11am read-through, edit on paper

So how are you getting along with writing YOUR book? Have you even started? It’s amazing how many people tell me they’d love to write a book and when I ask them “Have you started?” they reply with various excuses. Your book won’t write itself. You have to get started. Just turn on your computer/laptop/Mac, open a new document….and start writing!

I only write non-fiction so I can’t give you advice on plots or characters but the process is the same.

Sit down at computer.

Open document.

Start writing.

And remember to save-as-you-go and also when you’ve finished writing for the day, save everything again, email that latest version to yourself and upload it somewhere in the cloud.

I use  Google Drive as they give quite a large amount of free space and are very reliable.

I’m now quite obsessional about saving coz when I was writing my third book How to Cheer Up A Capricorn I was in a hurry and pulled out the USB storage device too quickly and ended up with my book turning into gobbledegook. I was distraught. I must have cried for 2 whole hours. 15,000 words had disappeared in a second. Almost two thirds of the book.

I emailed my sister Lucy English the novelist and cried over the phone to her. I knew no-one else would understand my agony (my husband certainly didn’t!) and she kindly placated me and told me the useful tip to email it to myself.


Why hadn’t I done that earlier?

Anyway, I started writing again later that day and eventually the book got published but I’d certainly learnt a valuable (but painful) lesson on:


Make sure you do too!!

About the Author

Mary English was born in London and educated in Switzerland at the American International School of Zurich. She is a professional Astrologer and member of The Astrological Association & The Society of Authors. She has over 30 years of experience in her field. She is also a qualified Homeopath.
Her TV appearances include BBC’s ‘Kilroy’ and BBC’s ‘Heaven and Earth’. She is regularly invited to talk on BBC Radio Bristol.
She was a monthly guest on the Morning Show with Emma Britton on BBC Radio Somerset Sound where for over 2 years she gave live on air, the Month’s Stars.

Mary was the resident Astrologer for The Green Parent magazine for 5 years, writing their bi-monthly Astrology column.

She was resident Astrologer for Talk Radio Europe for  7.5 years. Spain’s largest English language radio network, broadcasting on the Costa del Sol/Axarquia and Costa Blanca/Costa Calida and reaching 1,000,000 English speaking consumers on the Hannah Murray Show where she gave her Monthly Astro Stars

Mary is also resident Astrologer and writes a monthly column for Pukka Bath.

She has written Astrology forecasts for her publishers Dodona Books Blog.

Her publisher is John Hunt Publishing O-Books

She will be guest Astrologer on Premier Christian Radio with Rosie Wright Feb 2017 in her capacity as a Pagan who is sympathetic to all forms of (sensible) religion and spirituality.

Her websites and receive over a 100 hits a day.She lives in Bath in the UK and works from home, over the Internet, by phone and in person.

She believes that Astrology helps people understand each other, which in turn makes the world a friendly place to live in.

She is a reformed Pisces.

Her books are available from Amazon and all good bookshops

UK  Mary’s Amazon Store

USA Mary’s USA Amazon Store

Copyright Mary English 2017.

This article must not be copied, stored on any virtual devices, posted onto any blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter streams or stolen and copied onto any websites, morphed into an app or writer’s content in any way without express, written permission by Mary English. Failure to abide by this polite request will result in banishment to hell and a life of extra bad repute…..and nightmares…

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Trump’s Inauguration, Pluto v.s Uranus & The Yod

I don’t generally write about Astrological events that aren’t personal, but in this blog post I’m going to share with you some thoughts about Pluto and Uranus.

I’ve been following (who hasn’t) the US general election.

I don’t find politics that interesting, there’s nothing I can do other than vote…and hope.

There is lots of on-line discussion about the various candidates of the US election but I’m not going to discuss them personally.

a) I’ve never met them

b) I’m never likely to

c) They don’t have anything to do with this post.

This post is about the transits of Uranus and Pluto.

I have a big fondness for Uranus as it was discovered by an amateur astronomer in the city of Bath where I live.

At the moment it’s transiting through the sign of Aries.

I don’t think it’s particularly happy in the sign of Aries.

Some things are good.

Aries is all about ‘the self’ and Uranus is all about freedom, so you’d think they’d make a good match.

But I don’t think they do.

Uranus is all about freedom and when it transits through a sign that is all about ‘me’ then the feeling is that this freedom only results in selfish thoughts. A much less progressive energy.

Pluto at the moment is transiting through the sign of Capricorn

It last did this in the year 1762. Uranus was in Aries and Pluto entered into the sign of Capricorn

A long, long time ago.

So, when people ask me (and they do) what’s going on Astrologically at the moment, I can only go back in time, not in my lifetime I might add!!…to lifetimes a long time ago.


I suppose most people want to know what’s going to happen when the new president gets signed-in…

So, I spent a few hours making charts for the inaugurations of US presidents to see if there was anything astrological to explain what might be happening now.

Keep in mind, what’s happening now astrologically hasn’t happened in exactly the same way before, but what we do know is about the energies and stories of these planets and how they react and work in each sign they go into.

I use the website

These are the people that actually organise the ceremonies so one would expect the dates and times they record are as accurate as you can get.

I was wondering about the charts for those dates and here they are….what I was looking for was what happened the last time Uranus and Pluto was either conjunct, opposition or square, which is what it is at the moment.

While I was working through the charts of all the inaugurations I noticed that when there was a Yod or inconjunct formation for that date, some of the presidents came to an unhappy end.

These are the charts for those president’s inaugurations.

First one I found was this for William McKinley Libra Ascendant, Sun and Moon in Aquarius William McKinley


William McKinely William’s natal chart Sun and Moon Aquarius  was the first president to have his inauguration organised by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

 There isn’t a Yod in this chart, but there is an inconjunct.

Saturn and Jupiter are in Capricorn, with Saturn inconjunct Pluto. The Sun is in the 9th house of belief, long-distance travel and philosophy. Fine attributes for a president signing-in chart to have.

Pluto and Uranus are in opposite signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.

There are a lot of oppositions. Sun opposition Moon being the most significant. Ego v.s feelings.

Mr McKinely was assassinated after 6 months in office Assassination of William McKinley

The next chart I found was JF Kennedy’s inauguration. He was a Sun Gemini Moon Virgo natally JF Kennedy


His inauguration chart has TWO Yods and five inconjuncts! Pluto and Uranus are in next door signs. Neptune square Mercury doesn’t look too fab: deception and deceit in communication. Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are all in the 9th. Lots of issues to do with belief.Eventually after just over 2 years in office, Mr Kennedy was assassinated: JF Kennedy Assassination

This is the chart for the inauguration of his successor Lyndon B. Johnson, Leo Ascendant,  Sun and Moon in Virgo Lyndon B Johnson….now Pluto and Uranus are exactly conjunct:


He was sworn in just 2 hours and 8 minutes after John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

Another Yod linking the Pluto/Uranus conjunction, The Moon and Jupiter=connections between power and freedom, emotions and beliefs. The Moon is in Aquarius which is a more cerebral sign. He only survived 4 or so years after he came out of office.

Now compare these charts and what you might know about these presidents and the politics of their time with Obama’s inaugurations. Obama is Aquarius Ascendant, Sun Leo, Moon Gemini Barack ObamaObama-1st-inaug.gif

No Yods but an inconjunct between Saturn and Neptune. Moon is just to the end of Scorpio in the 7th house of relationships and marriage. Sun is conjunct Jupiter in the 9th, a happy placement for Jupiter…and the Sun is a few minutes into Aquarius, the Ascendant sign of Mr Obama. Still some oppositions. Saturn opposition Venus and Uranus.

Pluto is in Capricorn and Uranus is in Pisces, so they’re getting along with each other very nicely.

Here is his second inauguration:


Nothing especially challenging. Moon and Jupiter are in Gemini, which Mr Obama has in his natal chart.

Pluto and Uranus are now square to each other. In William’s inaug date they were in opposition, with Kennedy they were travelling towards a conjunction and now they’re square. All of these aspects are what Astrologers call ‘challenging’. Looks like Obama got out alive and all in one piece…no inconjuncts or Yods.

Now look at the latest inauguration of Mr Trump, Sun Gemini, Moon Sagittarius, Leo Ascendant Trump


Everything is either square, or opposition. That Pluto Uranus square doesn’t look peaceful or diplomatic! Sun square Moon and Jupiter too; Ego challenges feelings and beliefs. And Jupiter opposition Uranus forming a T-Square with Pluto….all rather challenging and unhappy…Note also that all the planets are on one side of the circle, so there is a very one-sided attitude towards issues…and the Moon is in Scorpio=deeply-felt destructive feelings.

There are other inconjuncts with other presidents who died in office, but as this article is about the Pluto Uranus transits, I won’t add them here.

What’s important is Trump in himself is not really the enemy. What he’s working with is the energies of two very powerful planets. He’s obviously projecting onto the populus his feelings but he’s not making any friends by doing that.

Working with the energies of Pluto and Uranus takes skill. Some presidents have managed it, some haven’t. Pluto and Uranus forming a square affects US ALL and how we deal with feelings of:

  • Uranus in Aries=wanting my freedom v.s
  • Pluto in Capricorn= wanting powerful, pragmatic, deep change

It’s ourselves that need to change, and our thinking processes, not the politics, not the leaders. It’s how we think.

If we think that all of these people have power-over-us (Pluto) then we are bending to Pluto’s destructiveness. If we think that it’s us, as the group of wo/mankind that really has all the power, then we release ourselves from Pluto’s grip.

What we also need to do is not be so freedom orientated with Aries in Uranus urging us to ‘just-do-our-thing’ that we forget that we are ALL human-beings.

Kind, considerate, caring, feeling, honest, sincere human beings…

Not human doings.

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Learn Astrology FREE with Mary ~ Weekly Podcast Show


I have so many people ask me about their charts and ‘how-things-might-turn-out’ that I thought I’d do the kindest thing and release some weekly podcasts on Astrology.

Podcasting is a simple way to listen at your own leisure to FREE information. It means you can listen on your phone or computer, anytime that’s convenient to you…without getting distracted by pictures or videos.

Great content, shared to help! So here’s the link to my feed

If you subscribe, you’ll receive each episode/lesson FREE every week as it’s broadcast and you can listen-back anytime you like.

In the first lesson I suggest you make a FREE account at so you can start, right away making charts and learning about YOUR chart shape.

I hope you enjoy my podcasts and I look forward to spending 2017 helping you learn Astrological basics.

If you’d like to learn one-on-one do get in touch as I teach my 6 Easy Steps in Astrology via YouTube and email (and also face-to-face) mary at maryenglish dot com

Make 2017 the Year You Learn Astrology and Discover your Secret Talents!!


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Mary’s 2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for Mary’s blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 760 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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How to Believe in a Sagittarius

So, there you are…you’re friends with a Sagittarius…now what?

Well, being friends with a Sagi is easy enough. They’re not interested in fighting with you, or giving you a hard time. They’re more interested in that-which-they-are-interested…

I’ll give you some examples:

Let’s take Uri Geller

He’s interested in all things mystical and weird and wonderful. He was born in Israel on the 20th December 1946 (making him a Sunny Sagi) and started bending spoons age 5. Uri Short Biog

Seems a fitting enough interest for someone with a Scorpio Ascendant and Scorpio Moon to me…and by the time he was 23 he was doing telepathy for small audiences in Israel…fast forward to today.

He’s a vegetarian and pacifist, he founded the Uri Geller Foundation and you can follow him on twitter here Uri Tweets

if you look closely at his life and him, you’ll see the biggest problem he’s ever come across in his life is when people don’t believe in his abilities

This is a crucial point. A Sagittarius must be believed in

This is different from just believing…you can believe I’m a human being and you’d be right…but you wouldn’t believe-in Astrology unless you’d used it somehow.

To believe someone goes like this:

Little Johnny gets home from school, covered in mud and with holes in his trousers. He tells you that he went to play football after school with his friends and he ‘ accidentally’ fell in the mud. You believe him, you know that what he’s saying matches with some sort of truth as you can see the mud, the holes in the knees of his trousers where he fell over…it makes sense. This is not believing in Johnny, it’s just straight belief.

Now, why would Uri want you to believe in him as opposed to just plain believe?

Because each Sagi is ruled by a planet called Jupiter, that massive gas giant that is part of our solar system.

And what does Jupiter have to do with Sagi.

A lot.

The Astrological description of Jupiter is similar to its astronomical properties, in that it magnifies things, makes them bigger, adds gas to things, builds them up…is BIG BIG BIG…these are all Sagi characteristics.

I don’t know a Sagi yet who doesn’t exaggerate a teeny bit about ‘what they know’ and they love to have academic qualifications, they enjoy study and philosophy, love deep, meaningful talks late into the night…these are not quiet, calm, private qualities…

They are inspired individuals. They love a challenge. Love to travel and see/meet other cultures. In our little example Uri has travelled all over the world..and he doesn’t want to just be remembered as ‘the man that bent spoons’ he wants you to be ” amazed, mesmerized,motivated, enthusiastic, revitalised and with a much improved positive mental attitude, state of mind and self-belief.” after you have been to his seminars, or met him in person.

More information about our friend Sagi and how to believe in one is available here in my 4th book  How to Believe in a Sagittarius

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