The Astrology of Chronic Pain, Saturn and the Outer Planets

The Astrology of Chronic Pain

I’m a regular Astrologer. I work in private practice in the UK and I am also a qualified Homeopath and Hypnotherapist.

This is amazingly interesting, as the clients that I see and treat have the (if they want to) added advantage of me being able to construct their chart and find ways to help them more.

This article is about pain. There is a lot of it about. I have been observing the painful issues my clients have had since I went into private practice.

For the last 16+ years I have been working with clients with various diagnosis’ but the bottom line is they are in pain and they want it to stop…

Then my husband became ill

My husband, who is trained in that wonderful Mind-Body resource: Hypnotherapy.

In fact he has more Hypno qualifications than me. He’s retired now and works part time as an artist, doing pet, aviation and maritime portraits.


7 weeks ago he had an awful, painful episode that simple healing and painkillers just wouldn’t do anything for.

He went to the doctors about 5 or 6 times, and the local hospital. He was prescribed an amazing array of painkillers and sleeping tablets, all of which affected him in other ways. Some made him sleepy during the day. Others upset his digestion. One of them made him worse…nothing seemed to be helping.

I knew he hadn’t had an accident.

I knew that there wasn’t anything that he’d ‘done’ that was the cause of the pain, but he was home-bound, chair bound, couldn’t walk…he was so unsteady on his feet I had to buy him a walking stick from the charity shop.

He couldn’t sleep lying down and got some sleep sitting up with the sofa cushion behind him and lots of pillows.

Eventually when conventional medicine wasn’t doing much to help, he went to see my homeopath and also for some counselling.

Now he’s out of pain and is getting better.

And there is something going on in his chart that as a non-astrologer, he’s not that interested in, but I am.

He’s having a Saturn~ Moon transit.

I’m not going to explain too much about Astrology in this article, just enough to help you understand what I meant by the above.

We all have a thing called a Birth chart.

This is an Astrological calculation based on the location and position of the planets in our solar system on the day you were born.

Here’s what one looks like:

Imagine a birth chart as being a little like your hand-prints.

It records everything to do with your ‘self’.

In palmistry, usually, the right hand represents your future and the left your past (assuming your right handed)

One hand is a record of all the potential you were born with.

The other represents what’s likely to happen to you in the future…because of your potential.

An Astrological birth chart records and uses the position of the planets on your day, time and location of birth, as if you were looking up at the sky on that date.

It’s a static thing.

It shows your potential.

I suppose I’ve been doing Astrology for so long now I don’t have to think about why and what everything in Astrology does or is for.

Take my word for it.

A correctly calculated birth chart is the missing link to understanding each human in the world.

It would be lovely if every child had their chart made at birth and their parents would then know how to parent them….but I digress.

This birth chart thingie shows what your health is like, and what might be helping or hindering it.

The planets we use in a chart are the ones in our Solar System:

The Sun (which is a star)

The Moon

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

These are the planets that are visible to the naked eye and ones the ancient astrologers used.

From 1781 three more were discovered when telescopes were invented:

Uranus (1781)  Neptune (1846) and Pluto (1930)

All these planets orbit around our Sun and from our view on earth look as though they move around our heads in the sky..and in Astrology the belief is:

As Above

So below

Meaning what happens in the sky is reflected in what happens here on Earth.

Now, after hundreds of years worth of observation various attributes were ascribed to these planets.

And the ones I am going to discuss today are Saturn, Uranus and Pluto

These are the ones I have noticed are more likely to be aligned with issues in your life to do with pain.

Here are the keywords for these planets:

Saturn: Restriction, Responsibility, Being an Elder

Uranus : Freedom, Unpredictability, Erratic Happenings

Neptune : Illusion, Delusion, Sensitive/Psychic Connection

Pluto : Deep Change, Transformation, Personal Revolution

Now, in a chart the Sun represents who you are. The ego bit of you. The bit that you’re conscious of.

The Moon, which in reality reflects the light of the Sun, represents the unconscious part of you, that bit that you sometimes tune-into when you’re feeling emotional.

Now when I mentioned a transit earlier, what I meant was when a planet TODAY, travels past a part of your birth chart it can trigger off certain positive or negative happenings either for you, or to you.

They don’t directly affect you…not in anyway you could record.

I couldn’t measure with any precise instrument that those planets were sending rays of light or energy to you…I don’t know ‘how’ it works. All I know is it does.

I’ll leave that to someone else to investigate!

So, when Saturn makes a transit to something in your chart, you’ll sure know ALL about it.

When Saturn transited my Sun-in Pisces my ex-husband left me for another woman. And I’d recently given birth, so it wasn’t an especially happy time for me.

I was angry, upset and grieving…

Now (25th March 2017)  Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius.

It takes 28-30 years to go all the way round the Zodiac…so when it’s in a sign it’s usually there for about 2 years.

In this video I explain how one person experienced MS during a Saturn transit

Over the next few days and posts, I’m going to use the charts of 6 kind volunteers to explain exactly what I’m talking about.

This is Kate’s chart.

She was born when the Sun was in Sagittarius, The Moon was in Pisces and the Rising sign or Ascendant was in Taurus

Year: 1979.

Kate has had a terrible diagnosis and a long amount of time suffering pain.

She says: Pain is worst in my lower back, T10-L3, where there is significant nerve damage due to Transverse Myelitis, but also have generic widespread pain due to Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve lived in pain a while, but it got worse April 2014. My date of diagnosis for both conditions was 29th April 2014.

Let’s look at some transits:

Here is her transit chart for the actual date she got her diagnosis.

There is quite a lot going on.

First up Saturn has transited from the sign of Virgo in her birth chart to the sign of Scorpio and it conjunct (next to) her Mercury, the planet of thinking, thought and communication.

On the day of her diagnosis, The Sun, Moon and Mercury are slap bang on her Ascendant in Taurus.

Double Whammy, not going to forget THAT too quickly.

She’s also spent a life-time under the influence of Pluto.

Pluto was in Libra when she was born, it’s now in the sign of Capricorn.

So for ALL of her life, up until this point, it’s slowly been transiting past ALL of her birth planets, except for her Moon.. (it’ll take a few more years before it gets there, then it will NEVER transit over a planet in her chart again!)

…now look at Neptune’s transit.

It was in the sign of Sagi when she was born and natally it’s right next door to her Sun sign = someone who is VERY sensitive/psychic.

In fact her Sun in Sagi is sandwiched between her Uranus= Freedom/Erratic and Neptune=Psychic/Sensitive

Now it’s right on her Moon in Pisces, so for the whole of her life it hasn’t transited much (just her Venus soon after she was born) now it’s aspecting her Moon= her emotions….making her FAR more sensitive than ever.

So maybe, things like weather or noise or other people’s emotions will upset her and make her symptoms worse.

So, because of these transits, Kate has ‘suffered’ a period of pain. It doesn’t mean she’ll suffer forever, just that it reflects very accurately what’s happening with the planets and luckily everything will eventually move, and she will find relief.

In the other videos below you will learn about other clients/volunteers and their pain issues:


About Mary English

"Bringing Heaven to Earth." Author, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist....retired Homeopath Working with You to Help you Find Your True Life Path.
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4 Responses to The Astrology of Chronic Pain, Saturn and the Outer Planets

  1. Wren Murray says:

    Good grief, you could be talking about me, Mary – not so much the actual planets, but the effects. I’ve felt for some time that there’s something else going on . . . and for the past few days, after a quieter time of peace in my body, I’ve been in agony, and it doesn’t seem to make sense . . .
    Your posts certainly get me shifting my awareness of other possibilities

    • Mary English says:

      Thanx Wren for your comments. Yes, it’s very difficult to ‘make sense’ of painful issues, but luckily Astrology will always have a reason. It might be a birth planet, or a transit planet…and once that’s revealed true healing can take place. ❤

  2. DarkwingLady says:

    I wonder if that Saturn transit is responsible for the particularly nasty bloody moon I got this month…? I LITERALLY haven’t gotten such a bad turn for YEARS….

    Born 22/10/1978 12.45 WIB (GMT +7), nasty blood moon forced me to leave office halfday on Wednesday, 3/1/2018 at about 14.00 WIB.

    Could barely do any work until yesterday, 6/1/2018.

    Can you tell me what planets are transiting in that time period?

    Thanks very much for your kind explanation~

    • Mary English says:

      Hi Darkwinglady thank you for your query:) Hope you’re well? Two things happened on that date. Mars was exactly conjunct your birth Mercury(thinking) and transiting Mercury was conjunct your natal Neptune…houses would also be affected 9th and 11th PLUS transiting Moon was also in Cancer and you have Cancer Moon 🙂 ❤ hope that helps xx

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